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Shape the future

Inspire your space. Transform someone else’s.

Curated ceramic works, with a purpose.

Performance Art

We are a collective of artists offering our works to shape change. It’s art that performs as an overdue advocate for social and judicial reform.


Inspired by an era of rapid and needed change within ourselves and without, we look toward a solution through creativity and its inherent transformative quality. Our works are offered as a means to take action toward specific social issues.

Inspire your space

Transform someone else’s.

5% Supports Last Prisoner Project with additional proceeds increasing our initiatives.


Russell Wrankle

Ceramic Lighting and Sculpture

Nikki Blair

Ceramic Sculptures

Syd Carpenter

Ceramic Sculptures

Debra Weisberg

Collaged Works on Paper

Adrian Arleo

Ceramic Sculptures (sold out)

Richard W. James

Multi-media Sculpture

Joann Quiñones

Mixed Media Sculptures

Lindsay Pichaske

Ceramic Sculpture/Mixed Media Sculpture

Salvador Jiménez-Flores

Edition Prints

Virginia Scotchie

Ceramic Sculpture

Gypsy Schindler

Portrait Painter and Print Maker
New Artist

Anne Drew Potter

Figurative Sculpture

Dirk Staschke

Ceramic Sculpture (sold out)

Community Stories

Help us change the stigma. Share your cannabis story.


Tactile works by Lindsay Pichaske & Amanda Salov

Now Live

Didem Mert

New Solo Show

Anna Tillett


Now Open
Extended (Ending Soon)

Sasha Koozel Reibstein