Anne Drew Potter

Ceramic Figurative Sculpture

anne drew potter has coalesced her fascination with, adoration of, and abhorrence for the human condition into a unique sculptural language.  With a formal background in both academic figure sculpture and ceramics, she manipulates anatomical forms to create unsettling and ambiguous figures that confront the ways we project social meaning onto bodily forms. These works touch on the disjuncture between the lived body and the performative aspects of identity, the increasing importance of sensual materiality in a world dominated by virtual interaction, and other themes pertinent to bodily experience in the contemporary age.  Her upbringing in the politically engaged culture of Berkeley, California, her early involvement in social work in Philadelphia, and her willingness to explore culture, history, and language inform her emotionally charged figures and the complex narratives behind her installations. Since leaving home at 17 she has lived throughout the United States, in Mexico, Germany, and now Canada, where she and her partner have settled in Calgary. Her work is designed to be accessible at multiple levels - providing both a sensual and intellectual experience, bringing together populist functionality and academic rigor. anne drew has exhibited widely in not-for-profit venues, which uniquely bring together the values of public outreach, community building, and openness to provocative content.

About anne drew potter

anne drew potter

I see the Last Prisoner Project as a component of combating a racist criminal (in)justice system overall, which has used selective enforcement of laws, including drug laws, to disproportionately incarcerate racialized and economically disadvantaged people, while we consistently "bail out" white-collar high-end criminals. It is my great privilege to stand with this impressive roster of artists, particularly Syd Carpenter who was my professor at Swarthmore College and a lifelong influence. 

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