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Debra Weisberg

Collaged Works on Paper

My collaged works on paper link the ocular with the haptic. Constructed from a variety of simple materials such as tape, black hot glue, paper pulp, and deconstructed embossings and monoprints, the surfaces are dense and explosive. They unite metaphoric narratives between the micro and macro natural world with the abstraction of gestural marks made with physical materials. The additive and subtractive process used in the making of my work results in a sedimentary layering, abstracted geology of elements, in which the history of their creation remains visible in the final image. I draw from a faded memory bank of images, root systems, lava flows-archetypal systems of growth, flow, and movement-that I wrestle into an abstracted, affective experiential state.
The Glow series are collage drawings incorporating photo-luminescent tapes and powder. The day and night views reveal two entirely different images appearing on one surface dependent on contrasting light conditions. The highly charged energy of the day view contrasts with the night view’s deeper, atmospheric space, adding a large-scale sensibility to intimately scaled work.

About Debra Weisberg

Debra Weisberg

I have become increasingly outraged about those imprisoned for minor drug charges, particularly men of color. They have too long bore the brunt of an inequitable judicial system that has cruelly over sentenced them while predominantly white students have freely smoked weed all over college campuses for years and years with no little or no consequences. It is truly unbelievable ( but actually not) that so many are still imprisoned while cannabis is legal in so many states particularly in a place like NY where they will not be releasing imprisoned people on cannabis charges for something like two more years due to legal bureaucracy.

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Debra Weisberg

Collaged Works on Paper

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