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Joseph Malfettone


I grew up quiet. Being the middle of five children I was left to my own, which was probably the greatest gift of my early years. This room left me to feel and think on my own - something that eventually would lead me to question a lot of what I felt to be and bring me through a 'rough patch' with a severe stutter that affected me until only recent years. 

The arts became a way to involve myself with creativity and to learn more about how and why I felt the way I did. It became a tool to bring the internal out as I learned Venetian Renaissance Portraiture at 16 and later collegiately at Boston University.

This dedicated introspection and passion for breakthrough communication is what drives my work in design and in the arts. 

About Joseph Malfettone

“We live in the greatest time to revisit ourselves. Much of that can be revealed by how we see others. Art has a huge potential to inspire that for people. It's had a longstanding role in inspiring change within ourselves by being focused outward. It's crucial that it plays this role today.”

Joseph Malfettone

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