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Ending “just the way things are”

Creativity, much like our perspective on ourselves and others isn’t always available. Because it isn’t always taught.

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No matter what generations before us have shown, we are able to see differently. We are able to shape the change we want to see.

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From launch, 5% of all proceeds will go directly to Last Prisoner Project.


Our site and supporting media accounts advocate through information on social equity.


Our long-term goals are to provide scholarships for children of unethically convicted prisoners.


An additional long-term goal is to provide re-entry programs within the arts for released prisoners.

How We Plan To Help

Our Current & Future Goals


Our artists have shown a desire to shape social and internal change. Pivotal conversations that allow us to grow into the awareness of the possibilities and inherent rights of humanity.

5% of all proceeds of each sale on this site directly supports The Last Prisoner Project, a criminal justice reform initiative to help free the 40,000 individuals jailed for nonviolent cannabis-related crimes.

Additional proceeds will help furnish our own initiatives in reform and education.

Russell Wrankle, Founder

Professor | Southern Utah University

As an artist and professor, I have lived with the concern and awareness of the possibility of showing new ideas, new experiences in order to inspire personal and collective change. 

This inspiration for change is at the core of the arts, and has been for millennia. 

With art as a tool, using today’s technology and forms of communication we can affect change much more rapidly and more clearly define the changes we want to see.

Community Stories

Help us change the stigma. Share your cannabis story.

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