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Mark Burns

Found Object Sculpture

At this unsettled time, I am currently without a proper ceramic studio. No raw clay, no kiln and not much space in which to work. In order to continue making, I turned to the materials which were available to me. The ceramic components of these new small-scale sculptures are repurposed objects gathered out of thrift, dollar stores, and the occasional yard sale. I have been working with found and repurposed ceramics since the early 1970s, so this new work continues my interest in giving new life to castaway objects. 


I acquire things that appeal to me to work with. The resulting narratives are not predetermined, I just move things around until the stories appear.  The factory manufactured cups present in the new small sculptures are the remnants of the ceramic industries that once flourished in this part of the country. New skin on old things can bring amazing results. 

About Mark Burns

One needs go no further than the intersection of Pop Street and Highbrow Avenue, which is where you'll find my work. There is something for everyone there, no one is turned away.  No one is safe, either. 

Mark Burns

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