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Our settings can have a profound effect on how we process and cope with the details of our interconnected lives. At times, it helps to know that some things will be constant while other parts change. I find comfort in this dichotomy – things both constant and reliable while at once ever-changing – mirrored in the light of sea and sky. Such ephemera, light and color in the atmosphere, always changing whether we can pay attention or not. I seek to bring awareness to such subtleties in my porcelain sculptures and installations using these natural phenomena as metaphors and anchors for the transitions we all face. I ask for my work to listen rather than to profess loudly, I want it to be present, stable, but dynamic like the sea and the sky.  


DIMENSIONS:  ↕︎ Variable / ↔︎ 3"

DETAILS:  Porcelain, brass, cable

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