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Liberty's Head From Her Torch I

Joseph Malfettone

Oil on Canvas

26 x 33"



This work is available on its own or in a Triptych with Liberty's Head From Her Torch II and Liberty's Head From Her Torch III. Each work changes in contrast and clarity as a moving conversation on natures of duality. This work is the largest in the triptych.


About Liberty From Her Torch

Derived from an early 20th Century glass negative, this works’ own viewpoint becomes the subject - expressed even more accurately by being off-frame. This subjective/objective approach reflects fundamentals of consciousness (the very thing that is required awareness of) when approaching freedom. This light, this flame, becomes updated into an invisible icon originally intended as the beacon for Lady Liberty and a symbol for the enduring possibilities for mankind’s development into new eras.


The Liberty Series

Inspired by times of great change, the Liberty Series was created to inspire a look toward duality and its role in our lives. Working with legendary figures in common and art culture, the usual vantage point is challenged in order to awaken new perspectives over consciousness, black and white, time and our physical and non-physical nature.

Liberty Series: Triptych

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