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Russell Wrankle


    My dad was a gardener in Palm Springs, CA starting in the mid-1970s until he died in his 80's a few years ago. I grew up mowing the lawns around some of the iconic houses from that era, including the Kaufman House and the Hugh Kaptur house that was occupied by Steve McQueen and Ali MacGraw at the time. So it's no surprise that there are some mid-mod vibes in this lamp series that I'm working on.


    A few months ago, it occurred to me that “if I put the display pedestal on top, or over the sculptures, and instead of a pedestal it was a shade, these would make interesting lamps”. These lamps are an extension of my abstract sculptures that are about shape, volume texture, and form with architectural references from Palm Springs, California, my hometown. 

    About Russell Wrankle

    It’s in the taking action that we learn, where our understanding and empathy deepens, and our purpose is revealed. 

    Russell Wrankle

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