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May 16 2022

Works by
Christopher David White

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Christopher David White

Into The Woods

Into The Woods
Christopher David White

Works by Christopher David White

A Statement on Criminal Reform

Adjunct Professor
Ceramics & Sculpture

Virginia Commonwealth University


Virginia Commonwealth University
Richmond, VA, MFA in Craft & Material Studies

Indiana University
Bloomington, IN, BFA in Ceramics

Through his intricate and masterful works, Christopher David White looks to inspire a reawakening to nature for the overwhelming majority of people that have lost its sense of symbiosis with ourselves.

As he mentions, "Human is to nature as skin is to bark – as roots are to veins. Humanity is inextricably linked to the natural world. Our biological patterns are echoed throughout the universe, from the micro to the macro, from our DNA to the cosmos. Yet we have created barriers between ourselves and nature. We have placed ourselves into opposition with this world that sustains us. We have become outsiders to everything that makes us who we are."  

Christopher's current work explores our relationships to nature and how our daily interactions affect the fragile balance between humanity and the environment. How do you interact with and perceive the world around you? The repercussions from our persistent consumption are tipping the balance towards a bleak future that endangers our very survival.

Given the unparalleled state of our technological and scientific achievements it is not only possible but necessary to find a new balance that promotes a thoughtful and sustainable relationship with nature. With clay as his medium of choice Christopher meticulously renders by hand natural elements within our lives, taking advantage of clay’s innate ability to mimic a wide variety of materials.

He utilizes trompe l’oeil as a stylistic choice to enforce the concept of illusion. Yet, as he notes, the true illusion is the world in which humanity has created. It is an existence that seeks to separate itself from nature. One that his work seeks to draw awareness toward, for the viewer. 

The juxtaposition of natural and man-made features in combination with the skewing of scale, proportion, and material, helps create an altered perception – forcing you to look closer both externally and internally.

As a supporter of cannabis legalization, and an artist who works with clay which is known to be a traditionally utilitarian material, it would seem fitting that I combine the two. Incorporating the same aesthetic within my sculptural work, I have recently begun creating pipes that celebrate what is only natural. These pieces are art, functional, and a vehicle for the acceptance and normalization of something that has been demonized to the detriment of people within our communities. The underprivileged, minorities, and the ill have unfairly suffered from the misunderstanding of cannabis. They have been denied its benefits and disproportionately affected by its criminalization.
By working with Shape Theory Collective, I have the honor to support this cause and specifically the Last Prisoner Project through my artwork. With the creation of these piece and the participation in events that support legalization, I hope that we can begin to change our perceptions and the World.